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August 12, 2019

Hi mini-makers

What a manic and life changing few weeks we have had here in Evesham. So what has been happening?

We have had to close the website shop for a few weeks so that we can deal with all the changes that are taking place here. My apologies to anyone who has been waiting to place an order but we should be back up and running in a matter of weeks. So what has been happening? 

1. The Follie. We have cast the follie and now working on the doors and floor and misc. All going really well and should be available before Christmas. We have a launch date for the exterior of the building for the Kensington show although I might take a prototype to Arnhem with me in September. 

2. Closing our curtain pole business. As some of you may be aware as well as making minis I also run a small manufacturing company designing and making curtain poles. However I have some sad news - we have decided to close down our main curtain pole business and rework it so we sell on...

March 31, 2019

Spent a quiet Sunday evening listing NEW domestic items on my website. Tomorrow I will add some images ( I only have the Digital images for now) and also show the items finished.

All these new items are in someway domestic items. I love the simplicity of some of the designs and have always wanted to start a collection of what would describe as high quality realistic "essentials". I have more to list; a table, a set of old saucepans and frying pans, and a plunger (posser is the correct name but not well known). 

All items (excluding the sink) are made from metal and can either be polished or painted.

I shall keep you posted when I have the "real thing" photographed. 

Architectural cornice etc

I am going to be listing some of the cornicing including elements of the room below. I shall keep you updated.

The Follie

Just a little update - it has been printed! Or at least 95% has been printed. One wall was wonky so is being reprinted. Parts of it will be made from wood but these can not be created...

January 16, 2019

Boots and Shoes!

I have a small selection of 18th and 19th century boots and shoes available unpainted ready for you to cast your artistic eye on them and create wonderful creations. 

 I have painted one of each design in order to show the detailing better. However the shoes lend themselves to being painted in wonderful 18th century textile colours. The odd pair of shoes has been created without its ribbon so you can add a real one. 

 All boots and shoes are now available from the website unpainted. Below is a gallery of the designs. They cost £3.50 each


Last year I started working on some new designs. I wanted some accessories to compliment what I do but also that were more simple in design and none the less detailed. I have yet to print, mould and cast them but below is a sneak preview of some of the items that will be on offer later in the year:

and a little more NEWS...

For those of you who see me it fairs you will know that I have many more items than what I sell through...

September 24, 2018

 Thank you to all our lovely miniiature customers who came to see us at Miniatura. It was lovely seeing you all and a big thank you for your lovely comments. It was also incredibly helpful to gain your feedback regarding the new items including the new room panelling. We shall have the room items ready to sell next month.

 Above is a sample selection of the new room panelling that will be available next month and I shall pop it online. I also hope to make a room box for it so if you want a special project room box then there will be a kit available.

Above and below is one of my new designs. A victorian fireplace. The original was cast iron and black but after demoulding the miniature copy I dipped it into a solution of water and paint  and it came out like this. The image is of a sample and I guess most of you would repaint it.....the price will be £25 for the firesurround then add £5 for the insert and £5 for the mirrored overmantle. The complete set is £35.

Our next fair is Arnhem whi...

June 20, 2018


Firstly let me say thank you for signing up to my newsletter and apologies for my lack of sending them! I have had a moment of inspiration to write one so here goes!

In the process of printing...

If you have been to my home page recently you will have seen some of the new items that are currently being printed. To the left is a screenshot of the print layout - it's not looking very exciting but the magic happens when the "print" button is pressed. Over a period of around 24 hours a stream of resin is passed back and forth, leaving a little trail behind starting at the bottom and working upwards....anything with an undercut is printed with a wax cushion that is melted after the print is finished. The printing is incredibly detailed.

I know that you can buy a 3d printer on Amazon  for  few hundred pounds but be warned the print quality is terrible and very few of them are "plug and play". When my print has finished I shall take some pictures and email them over to you. But here are a few...

October 11, 2017

Last night I listed some kits of the new items that I am making. I have some more items that will be available shortly  and thought I would share these with you. Firstly there is the incredibly delicate but detailed candelabra. It will be sold as a kit and also made up. The one in the image has not been painted so it looks rather plain. I plan to paint them cream and gold and black and gold and maybe an old grey for the shabby chic collector. The candelabra stands 5.5cm high. The kit will come with the arms ready to denib the casting spurs and then glue to the candelabra. To make sure each candelabra arm survives the journey and the painting they have been made from a flexible resin which allows a tolerable degree of bending


The buffet cabinet has to be amongst the most interesting of all the new designs. However despite falling in love with it I feel that it is quite small - it is 12th scale but maybe not as grand as it was intended. I shall be making another that is a staggerin...

October 2, 2017

Miniatura held is 69th show this weekend at the NEC Birmingham England. We had a stand at the 2 day show and on the second day managed to take some time off to visit other stands and talk to the stall holders. I thought I would share some images I took. If you did not make it to the show or are just interested to know what was at the show then I hope that todays blog will be interesting.


I have been thinking about creating some room scenes for my stand at shows and when I saw this parquet flooring as a kit I thought how brilliant it was...I know these floors take hours to create but this kit saves loads of time and still looks authentic.

As you can see from the photo  there are other options for wooden floors and wooden panelling.

The strips are stuck to double sided sticky backed paper so that you can then apply it to the floor of the model you are working on.

The company are called Malcoms Miniatures and can be contacted through their website.

 Of course there are many companies supply...

September 19, 2017

I have been playing about with paint finishes this evening - I am really impatient and rarely allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat or maybe an aging solution.

Below is my first attmept. I'm not happy with the finish of this fact I did reach a point where it was looking OK and then I started adding more wax..I should really learn when to stop! But I thought I would share this with you because the detail is easier to see with the paint finish.

If this is a finish that you like then its really quite simple... paint highlighted areas gold (i ended up rubbing off the gold but I think it looked better with the gold showing) and then paint the item. I chose duckegg blue, As the paint dries wipe away the paint from the raised areas to reveal the gold...more rubbing reveals the base colour. Go over with a wax _ start with some Annie Sloane dark wax and then with her Black wax....polish the wax and then finish by splattering some dark brown to create some texture and d...

July 29, 2017

After ages and a day I have at last got around to share with you some of the images that I took at the recent show in Germany. I am slightly biased towards quirky and or French. In amoungst the images are some simply beautiful items from sellers at the show.

Thank you to all those who visited us at the show and look forward to seeing you again next year.


February 15, 2017

 The Villa opens on 2 sides, East and West. I haven't changed the original dimensions of the rooms, so some rooms may not look like dollhouse rooms. They are not, they are the size of the real rooms.

The kitchen:

 Home made Agga cooker, table and sink and all the furniture.

 The preparation "des bouchees a la Reine"  and "du pate de Paques" for Sunday lunch !

The dining room:

 The room next to the kitchen is "la salle a manger", the dining room....

That room is still under construction...

Le Salon

This room which is much bigger than the others represents in my imagination "le salon" of a upper middle class family at the turn of the century. Maybe some ''nouveaux riches" who have just had this Villa built for them

I chose a pale blue for the walls.

Preparing Xmas....

 The study

With this room, I learnt how to make books. I make 300. They don't open. 

 The bedroms are small, with simple "provinciale" furniture,

The bathroom. I guess a house like this had a bathroom with a bathtub and hot water :)


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